My interests might find me behind a camera, an acetylene torch, spending a day with a legislator, at the farmers market, or with my nose in a guidebook mapping an adventure. Usually, I’m responding to thoughtful student writings and preparing ways to get students to think about writing.

Most days find this mid-life mother of teenagers, behind the wheel of the mommy-taxi, revising writings, volunteering in the community, figuring out how to prepare a healthy meal everyone can or will eat, or shooing our urban chickens from our kitchen door.

I am a mother, writer, traveler, wife, thyroid cancer survivor and writing instructor.  This blog is my place to share and connect with you.

Why unpackedwriter? Whether we travel across town or across borders, we pack stuff along: clothes, thoughts, photos, unfinished business.  But, invariably, when we reach a landing-place, whether geographically or philosophically or both, we unpack and consider what we’ve brought with us in a different light.

This blog is dedicated to those who know when its time for unpacking and translating moments that matter.

And the traveling is easier when you meet people along the way.  Won’t you join me?


As a writer and photographer I spend a lot of time writing, editing, photographing and creating content.  If you are interested in reposting something, please ask first. (I would most likely be thrilled!)

Renee writes at unpackedwriter holds the copyright and retains exclusive rights unless otherwise granted to posts she’s crafted for unpackedwriter.com and/or its WordPress equivalent. Likewise, all photos are property of the author unless otherwise indicated.

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  1. Besides geography, you and I also have photography in common. Two years ago I traveled around Ontario interviewing extraordinary women and taking their photographs. My hope is to one day share their amazing stories of struggle and triumph in a biographical collection. So many stories to write…so little time.


    • Carmon, that’s so cool! I will be sure to keep checking out your photos and prose! I’d love to “chat” about your book project… since the active book project time can be such a time span, it’s always interesting to see how writers keep their material evolving to “meet the market.” I will be sure to check back for your photography, especially if it involves Toronto! I will be there this summer checking in at the U of Toronto for journal archives of an ancestor of mine, who was in fact a well-known French and Indian War Parliamentarian who left Toronto and his properties at Young and Blouer (sp) in a hurry due to some dispute. I’ve found snippets of his journals online since they are the most extensive of any of that time… so that’s my informercial on the long-standing power of journaling or bearing witness one way or the other such as photograph. Who knows how long our contribution may last? -Stay in touch! -Renee


  2. Hi there! I just was nominated myself, and now I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award. It recognizes up-and-coming blogs, particularly those with less than 200 followers. Visit my blog for all the details, and thanks for inspiring me. Congratulations! —Jadi


      • Thank you Joey. It’ll all shape up in a while. I hope to be back to blogging more after I grade freshman English final portfolio’s. At least these days we can do everything online! – Thanks for your kind thoughts. I shall hope to organize blog awards soon from kind readers like you! – Hugs, Renee


    • Jadi,
      You are so sweet! I have been putting off putting these up b/c of some internet articles that say the award banners can impede traffic or search engines or some such. A fellow blogger doesn’t seem to have any issue with that since our research and she decided it was fine. So I may work out a new page for the thoughtfulness of you and other bloggers. Likewise, in your work as a writer, have you ever been to Kathmandu? Monday’s post is about a trip I’m planning there with my dad. If you have any connections for this trip, I’d really appreciate it. I’m looking for a reliable guide for starters…


    • ThankS! Glad you took the time to stop by! I really appreciate your platform. As a White woman very conscious of her place having grown up with many Native friends and having lived in remote Native Communities in Alaska… I have a lot of respect for Native peoples and have learned a lot from my Native friends. So, I enjoy how you make me think. -Renee


  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I *don’t* automatically follow those who comment or follow me, but I truly like your site and hit that FOLLOW button. Thank you much!


  4. I’m so glad I saw your “like” this morning! Something happened and a bunch of the folks I follow got “unfollowed” — you among them. Glad to have you back 😉


  5. Well stated and I do love your dedication part as well. It’s been awhile since I visited your site and maybe I’m not remembering correctly but it looks different although I can’t place what it looked like before. Different in a very positive clean, crisp, and inviting way. In other words I love it!
    cheers to you.

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