Travel Writer’s Nat Geo article on Indian Twins Summiting World’s Seven Peaks

So excited for Amy Gigi Alexander and her article in National Geographic Traveler India today!


Love how the Malik sisters climbed the world’s 7 highest peaks to bring awareness to female infanticide and foeticide in India.

Also LOVE how Amy underscores that these climbing sisters summited Everest with the first woman to summit from Pakistan. Leave it to women to unite enemy countries in the quest to bring awareness to women’s issues – at the roof of the world!

Having spent an afternoon at base camp elevation about 50 miles from Everest last fall, these ladies — and travel writer Alexander have my respect! Just walking at that elevation takes exertion!

Can’t wait for Amy to chat with my travel writing class!

Check out Amy’s article here:

Travelling For Good: The Malik Twins Who Climbed The 7 Tallest Peaks For India’s Girls