What the Blueprint Your Bestseller Process Looks Like

This week I am throes of the writing process… .Writing and marketing coach friend Windy Lynne Harris of the Backstory Cafe at http://thebackstorycafe.wordpress.com set me on fire with Stuart Horwitz’s Blueprint Your Bestseller manuscript structure process. I’ve been working on average … Continue reading

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Books On Writing That Actually Helped Me Write Better In 2013

Dear Unpackedwriter Readers who enjoy writing: Writing and Marketing Coach Windy Lynne Harris over at The Backstory Cafe has sent me on a scene quest using The Blueprint Your Bestseller book she mentions in her post here. More on this soon… I’m up to my arm pits highlighting and taking scissors to my manuscript! I’ll see you when I emerge from my writing cave… . Thank you Windy!

Writing from Found Objects

Sometimes I come home to find something foreign in my home. Usually that means my father is in town.  The grandfather clock he dragged from my neighbor’s garage sale on a dolly is–less a found object than–a “how’d-you-get-that-around-the-neighborhood-and-into my-house object?” … Continue reading

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Waking Up to St. Nikolaus Day…Shhhh…

I have a holiday secret. A how-could-you-forget kind of bad mommy secret. This might be the first year my German friends didn’t accidentally alert me that I missed St. Nikolaus Day. “Oh, you wouldn’t believe I found the freshest marzipan or … Continue reading

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