Photo Essay: Vancouver’s Public Market and Surrounds

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Thanksgiving, Writing, the Kitchen Sink and Other Rituals

Grandmother’s Kitchen Sometimes I’m paralyzed by the idea that I can recall so few specifics about my grandmother. She was a cook undaunted by crowds lining up outside our church—serving three hundred or more in a night with her massive … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Southwest Seasonal Farmers Market Bounty

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Writing Through the Handicaps, Or Not.

Just when I established a rhythm, just when I thought I had it all under control, it all kind of oozed out between my fingers. Or at least one finger. I was on a (writing) roll in February. Kids were … Continue reading

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Flight Testing Winslow’s LaPosada Turquoise Room

Getting There The last time I got into a small airplane involved 5th of vodka and a 70-pound-hog-tied dog, because the time before that involved an unleashed 70-pound-dog frantically clawing her way into the cockpit of a six-seater. IN. MIDFLIGHT. … Continue reading

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Photo Essay 2: Valse de Paris at Street Level

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Belizean Chicken

If you’ve ever dreamed of living on or visiting a tropical island, Eddie Usher’s Isla Marisol, located off Glover’s Reef atoll on a UN World Heritage site, can’t be beat. Short of stepping foot on the island, you can indulge … Continue reading

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Family Orchard

Nothing for me, unpacks homegrown memory like apples. And my dad jogged that memory by bringing a box of apples from Western New York this May. I grew up in an apple orchard. There is a picture of me as … Continue reading

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Scorpions in the Shower

Yesterday, I had the kind of day that included:

• a 7 AM parking lot tutoring session for daughter #1

• the announcement: “Mommy, I tied a cherry stem with my tongue…” (–for the 7th time. We’re going for ten. Every talent counts.)

• early school drop-off both girls

• a gym run to attempt to squeeze an hour work out into 30 minutes

• helping 6th grade tie dye (and I didn’t get any on me!)

• chiropractic

• interviewing a state representative, who stopped our interview to ask if we could pray

• tutoring again

• the 20th reminder: “Red Vines are not a food group.”

• meeting with a doctor/state representative and group of women to understand what the legislature has done to women’s health rights (this list is too small and nice to get into this here…)

• shooing the dog off the top of the table when she thought lights out meant the pastries were fair game

• thoughts of a Margarita, rocks and ice, the whole nine yards

At least by midnight there were no more scorpions in the shower.