Desert Nights Rising Stars ASU Writing Conference Moment

Been busy making writing connections. Perhaps a post about writing conferences is due later this week. This tweet and photo by writer Kevin S. Moul, official Piper House Photographer. Pictured: Renee and writer Susan Pohlman, workshop instructor and author of Halfway to Each Other.

Meteor Mornings and Motorcycle Rides

My eyes locked on the hot white streak in the sky in front of me.  Saturday morning. Up before the birds, I was walking to the south.  I couldn’t believe it: the streak grew into a fireball rimmed with brilliant … Continue reading

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Not Writing and Healing: the mid-age knee saga

The first knee-twist-lock-F-bomb scenerio August leaving the English Department with the Director of Humanities—my new boss, we chatted and laughed as I pushed against a massive oak door leading outside. Mid push my left knee snapped, folded and locked. Falling … Continue reading

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Photo Essay Backroads Arizona: Yarnell, Peeple’s Valley, Skull Valley

I’ve driven the Yarnell Hill and passed through this area many times thanks to my dad who knew of its scenic beauty. Today we think of the nineteen lives of Prescott’s beloved Hotshots who gave their lives trying to control … Continue reading

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Flight Testing Winslow’s LaPosada Turquoise Room

Getting There The last time I got into a small airplane involved 5th of vodka and a 70-pound-hog-tied dog, because the time before that involved an unleashed 70-pound-dog frantically clawing her way into the cockpit of a six-seater. IN. MIDFLIGHT. … Continue reading

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