Photo Essay Backroads Arizona: Yarnell, Peeple’s Valley, Skull Valley

I’ve driven the Yarnell Hill and passed through this area many times thanks to my dad who knew of its scenic beauty. Today we think of the nineteen lives of Prescott’s beloved Hotshots who gave their lives trying to control the fire in this area.

To view a map of the area go here:


12 thoughts on “Photo Essay Backroads Arizona: Yarnell, Peeple’s Valley, Skull Valley

  1. A beautiful tribute, Renee. We are all grateful for the service of our courageous fire fighters; and indebted to those who gave their lives to keep us safe.


    • Thank you for checking in. I can’t imagine. As I listen to Ilse’s friends prepare for careers as EMT’s and firefighters… I can’t imagine that I would look back and think of them in this context. No. Too horrible. My thoughts go out to the families and friends of these brave men.


  2. Renee, thank you for showing your support for our heroes. Even though I moved 100 miles south in 2005, my roots are still strongly planted in that small mountain community. Many of those boys had helped with tree removal at my parents’ home, were friends of my brothers, siblings to people I went to high school with many years ago, etc. This event brought a community to their knees.


    • Lisa,

      so often when I travel that way I think of you. The loss of the Hotshots was so horrific… and to know them as you do, I can not imagine. My thoughts and prayers to their families and to you and yours. Thank you for weighing in and reminding us how closely people and place are linked. Hugs, Renee


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