Started Instagraming… #BraggsFactoryDiner

Janson at Dustracks and Nomadruss inspired this…

And my Instagram-gifted teen helped me get started!  Thank you all!

6 thoughts on “Started Instagraming… #BraggsFactoryDiner

  1. Great, Renee! I’ve been thinking about Instagram. Should I or shouldn’t I? I still don’t have my iPhone; do I need that first?


    • I just do it from my ipad… you can upload photos from your ipad photos or photo library – either way! Looking forward to catching up with you you Freshly Pressed on you!


  2. Isn’t it handy to have a technologically gifted child around. Except that my daughter told me that when I get old I’m not to buy anything I can’t work out for myself because she doesn’t want me phoning her for help all the time like my Mum does to me! What a thoughtful child.


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