Writing Books & Work-in-Progress Blog Tour


This post features sneak peaks at bloggers behind-the-scenes book projects starting with Luanne at Writersite.org then Renee (me) at unpackedwriter.com and ends tagging other writer-bloggers: Long-Distance Dad, Ned Hickson and Annelisplace. Renee in her writing studio. Behind the scenes… How’d this happen? … Continue reading

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My Writing Process


Tag, you’re it! Luanne my friend and writing partner has tagged me to write about my writing process. If you get a chance check out her blog at writersite.org. This author and former professor blogs prolifically about different aspects of the … Continue reading

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Ways to Get Unstuck: From Writers Block to Inspired Creative Flow


Do you have a writing practice that works for creating first draft pages? Many components make up a writing practice. But one thing I’ve ascribed to this past several months is the setting of goals and the setting aside of … Continue reading

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Stripping Away Front Story to Get to the Back… Story


Other than a popular murder mystery series written by Robert B. Parker and part of great website by Windy Lynn Harris backstory can be described largely as: “a story that tells what led up to the main story or plot … Continue reading

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Scene Revision Sample: Meeting Dog Musher Willie George

scan0025 - Version 2

Frankly, writers are nuts. Who else would spend an hour revising a page? But, that’s what my measurement was last week in revising this story I’ve tinkered with over the years. I’ve certainly drastically decreased the amount of revision page … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, Writing, the Kitchen Sink and Other Rituals

Thanksgiving_table.jpg Chef Sean Christopher

Grandmother’s Kitchen Sometimes I’m paralyzed by the idea that I can recall so few specifics about my grandmother. She was a cook undaunted by crowds lining up outside our church—serving three hundred or more in a night with her massive … Continue reading

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Airplane Conversations and the Geography of Heart


What is it about air travel that strips you of something of yourself?  That allows you to open up with a passing stranger that otherwise wouldn’t happen?  What is it? On a recent flight, I sat next to another woman … Continue reading

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Meteor Mornings and Motorcycle Rides


My eyes locked on the hot white streak in the sky in front of me.  Saturday morning. Up before the birds, I was walking to the south.  I couldn’t believe it: the streak grew into a fireball rimmed with brilliant … Continue reading

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Wild! Finding your book in a bookstore


“What section of the bookstore do you want to find your book in?” At a recent book conference, this question was raised by book publishing specialists Arielle Eckstut and David Sterry (authors of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book … Continue reading

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“What’s a hook-up, anyway?”


      Words and meanings are slippery. Crossing cultures and time, words have a way of morphing.     Generational Syntactical Blunders One evening after dinner, a young man visited our household for dessert and studying with my oldest … Continue reading

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