Book Review: Luanne Castle’s Doll God and Why I Loved it When I’m Afraid of Dolls


Recently, I devoured this book of poetry by Luanne Castle​. As you read this she will likely have just returned from an interview on Arizona’s Morning Scramble show for her work on this amazing poetry collection. I’m so excited for … Continue reading

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Writing Books & Work-in-Progress Blog Tour


This post features sneak peaks at bloggers behind-the-scenes book projects starting with Luanne at then Renee (me) at and ends tagging other writer-bloggers: Long-Distance Dad, Ned Hickson and Annelisplace. Renee in her writing studio. Behind the scenes… How’d this happen? … Continue reading

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Wild! Finding your book in a bookstore


“What section of the bookstore do you want to find your book in?” At a recent book conference, this question was raised by book publishing specialists Arielle Eckstut and David Sterry (authors of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book … Continue reading

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