Book Review: Luanne Castle’s Doll God and Why I Loved it When I’m Afraid of Dolls

Recently, I devoured this book of poetry by Luanne Castle​. As you read this she will likely have just returned from an interview on Arizona’s Morning Scramble show for her work on this amazing poetry collection.castle-promotional-cover

I’m so excited for Luanne and this book that I’ll share with you the book review I’ve posted to Amazon and Goodreads:

The images in this book and what they set in motion inspire a visceral, ground-level plunge into the secrets of things and how things change when left to the elements or are held up to broken or defective mirrors.

 Castle’s Doll God world is one where the imperfect imagination celebrates its own wonderful and terrifying brokenness in the echoes it finds in motherhood, fertility, destruction, secrets, the making of things, and ultimately in the human desire to keep reaching from the muck toward the light.

In this sense– the images and how dolls appear continuously point backward and forward to these themes. The found doll in the mud. The doll buggy made in a munitions factory. The too American American Girl Doll. The mistreated child in ruffles dressed like her doll. The dolls dragged to and fro by their hair. The things mothers make for their children. And overall, what God makes and why it all should matter.

These poems burst with images that ricochet long after you’ve moved to another poem.

I’m so thrilled to be part of this literary journey with you as Doll God begs me to sit and puzzle together the kind of partial meanings that lure me back in hopes of finding the key to an ever-elusive wholeness. The beauty of this poetry collection is in discovering it’s the search– not the wholeness– that keeps us turning the pages and holding the book closer to the light.


Castle has given the reader a visceral experience of what it is to be aware, vigilant and searching despite, the bombardment of an imperfect world.

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  1. Thanks so much, Renee!! The title alone is just wonderful! hahaha I suspect there are a lot of people like you!! I hope to see you when my month of craziness is over . . . . xo

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