Elizabeth Gilbert: To The Signature of All Things from Eat Pray Love


I must admit, I’m a reluctant latecomer to the Elizabeth Gilbert phenomenon. But here I am. Recently, at the urging of journalist friend Selina, I succumbed to reading Eat Pray Love. *GASP* Can you imagine? But this week, I had … Continue reading

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The Fault in Our Stars – A Literary Peek at Death Personified


Despite having once shared an evening with actor Willem DaFoe, I still think I would find his confounding and curmudgeonly character Peter van Houten, the most fascinating character in The Fault in Our Stars. While I thought author John Green … Continue reading

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The Fault in Our Stars Part 1: The Fault in Young Love


I’m glad my daughter’s boyfriend is boy enough that he didn’t want to see The Fault in Our Stars with her! That meant I got to! My girls and I had read the book together, and we were curious how … Continue reading

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The Color Red: Sex and Symbols in a Literary Reading of Olive Kitteridge


The color red has long been used across cultures and time to symbolize love, lust, sexuality and intimacy. Author Elizabeth Strout delicately, almost imperceptively weaves the color red throughout her novel called Olive Kitteridge. That Olive is a retired teacher … Continue reading

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Follow-up On Blueprint Your Best Seller


Where did we leave off? Don’t let the Brandy snifter in the last post about Blueprinting Your Bestseller fool you. I’ve been busy… well, busy not writing. But preparing to write… . During the holidays I tend to let myself … Continue reading

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Meteor Mornings and Motorcycle Rides


My eyes locked on the hot white streak in the sky in front of me.  Saturday morning. Up before the birds, I was walking to the south.  I couldn’t believe it: the streak grew into a fireball rimmed with brilliant … Continue reading

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Wild! Finding your book in a bookstore


“What section of the bookstore do you want to find your book in?” At a recent book conference, this question was raised by book publishing specialists Arielle Eckstut and David Sterry (authors of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book … Continue reading

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The Computer Stays Home!

Madonna's_Blond_Ambition_Corset.jpg Image by Brandon Carson

“Does Madonna walk around the house in cone bras and come-bleep-me bustiers?”  -Steven Pressfield -photo credit: Brandon Carson Not only does Pressfield have the art of the hook down, he’s got a point in The War of Art.  (Note, “bleep” … Continue reading

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Writing Truth and Memory in Memoir

Courtesy Goodreads

There is truth and falsehood in a comma.                        -Tom Stoppard, The Invention of Love   image courtesy goodreads As a memoirist and writing instructor, I am often asked and often ask … Continue reading

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Not Writing and Healing: the mid-age knee saga


The first knee-twist-lock-F-bomb scenerio August leaving the English Department with the Director of Humanities—my new boss, we chatted and laughed as I pushed against a massive oak door leading outside. Mid push my left knee snapped, folded and locked. Falling … Continue reading

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