The Computer Stays Home!

“Does Madonna walk around the house in cone bras and come-bleep-me bustiers?”  -Steven Pressfield -photo credit: Brandon Carson Not only does Pressfield have the art of the hook down, he’s got a point in The War of Art.  (Note, “bleep” … Continue reading

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Morning Writing

Morning, for writers holds so much promise. It’s more than that the blank slate of the day before you representing the potential of the page.  For me it’s also the energy of the promise.  There is something about being up … Continue reading

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Writing Truth and Memory in Memoir

There is truth and falsehood in a comma.                        -Tom Stoppard, The Invention of Love   image courtesy goodreads As a memoirist and writing instructor, I am often asked and often ask … Continue reading

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Carve Out Writing Time & Guard it Like a Zealot… Until It’s Time to Make Chicken Soup

The title pretty much sums up my week. I worked for days, banking time to free up this last Thursday and Friday for working on the book. “Only two chapters to go. How hard could it be?”  I won’t tell … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Animals Abroad

This cat on Mykonos, like so many animals I see when I travel abroad, fascinated me. I was given to think about Isabel Allende’s writings about the ubiquitous Central American dog — that medium sized, short haired, multi-colored dog you … Continue reading

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Not Writing and Healing: the mid-age knee saga

The first knee-twist-lock-F-bomb scenerio August leaving the English Department with the Director of Humanities—my new boss, we chatted and laughed as I pushed against a massive oak door leading outside. Mid push my left knee snapped, folded and locked. Falling … Continue reading

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Why Hire an Editor?

As I work toward finishing my memoir, which by some accounts is a coming of age in the Alaskan wilderness story, and by others (thank you Dennis) is my journey to becoming a writer, I found this blog article timely. I hope you do too. – Renee


Let me count the ways I have tried to get the point across that you—yes, YOU—need an editor: I’ve said so in my book, I’ve made a video, I’ve told you why I desperately needed one… I’ve tried it every which way I can. It does seem like the message is sinking in somewhat, but I still meet self-publishers who think they’ll manage fine by themselves and send their book out into the world without it ever passing by the eyes of a professional editor. Which would be fine, if it wasn’t for the price-tag they’ve put on it. So today, my latest attempt is a guest post from Robert Doran, editorial director at Kazoo Independent Publishing Services, on why you should hire an editor. Read right through to the end for some vague hinting at something that’s, potentially, mildly exciting (at best) that starts here…

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Keeping Track of What’s Important

One time in Belize, because Mr. Hubby and I miscued on who was in charge of whose bags, my backpack with all my camera gear and SD cards—all of our pictures from the whole trip—took off in the small airplane … Continue reading

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From the Slush Pile: Michael Ondaatje and Me

Since serving as Associate Editor at Hayden’s Ferry Review, I continue to keep a finger on the pulse of the literary offerings at the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing. I’m thankful for my experiences at Piper and the … Continue reading

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