Morning Writing

Morning, for writers holds so much promise. It’s more than that the blank slate of the day before you representing the potential of the page.  For me it’s also the energy of the promise.  There is something about being up before the birds and watching the color creep into the sky with your coffee cup in hand and a few good paragraphs knocked out on the page that fuels creativity.


This weekend we sat on the beach in San Diego and watched kids and seasoned adults paddle out on surfboards and boogie boards for hours, working to catch a wave at just the right peak and angle — all for less than 6 seconds of a ride. Over and over again they tumbled, or swirled in the anticlimactic gone-too-soon wave, but they kept setting themselves up for that promise.

For writers it’s the same. Getting up early, before the demands for lunches, clean socks and in-coming calls cloud the ability to catch just the right wave. If I can catch the writing wave, I can sail over so much of that noise.


When I camp, I love stories told over the heady glow of the night fire. But it’s morning before everyone is up that feeds the stories: the walk along the beach as the tide and sun return. The elk no one but me sees as I make my way to the creek. The coals from last night’s fire that warm swollen fingers enough to make breakfast over the fire.

Catching the morning writing wave reminds me too of arriving at the Grand Canyon just as the fog is rolling out. You know it’s there, you just need to be there when the fog lifts.  But you have to show up, ready.


Waking before the rush finds a kind of silence that is really beautiful. I can think, take in the building light and sound and ride over it as I create on the page.

24 thoughts on “Morning Writing

    • Millie,
      I feel so much morning in your writing: the fog above the mountains and streams, you sitting on a stoop, barefoot, coffee in hand. Once you write it, those images permeate subsequent writings! Glad to hear from you! – Renee


  1. Early morning is incredibly peaceful, especially when camping. Wiggling into cold clothes, the sound of the tent zipper as it slides smoothly to the top and the cool air and fresh smell that greet me and make the hair stand up to protect me from the cold. The coffee can’t brew quickly enough, but when it’s done, the steam that warms my nose and that first sip is the beginning of a great day.


    • Ahhh! Yes! Great images! How many times have I hoped someone else would make that coffee so I could stay in the sleeping bag longer… but if I had, I would have missed the elk or the sunrise!


  2. I am definitely a morning person. Mornings hold all the promise you describe. Oddly, though, I prefer to write in the evening, after all the day’s activity has bounced around in my brain and ideas have fermented a little. But I do love mornings.


  3. A truly lovely post, Renee. Ah, “…the energy of the promise…” sums early morning writing so beautifully. One of my favorite quotes is by Anais Nin: “The dream was always running ahead of me. To Catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.”


    • Yes – there is something to that. And, I think we writers really find ourselves best at that time. I can write well into the night, but I need to have found the path to the river before I can float away with it… if you follow!


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