Photo Essay: Animals Abroad


This cat on Mykonos, like so many animals I see when I travel abroad, fascinated me. I was given to think about Isabel Allende’s writings about the ubiquitous Central American dog — that medium sized, short haired, multi-colored dog you see everywhere that prefers to laze by the edge of the road, risking life and limb.

Or who wouldn’t shrink from Andrew Pham’s description of what happens to such dogs on the Vietnamese roadside during his bike trek memoir across that country? Read Catfish and Mandala to find out. If that subject worries you, his soul-searching trek to understand the country his parents left behind and his heritage in the post-war era are a worthy read.

But back to the photo. Why do different cultures have different values about animals?  What travel animal story or image stands out in your memory? Why?

5 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Animals Abroad

  1. I am still haunted by the fabulous novel, “Where the Red Fern Grows.” Best animal story ever!

    There is a new novel coming together in my office and one of the characters reminds me a lot of my daughter’s new kitten. I’ve decided to follow this inspiration and see where it goes.


    • Yes, those early literary experiences with animals and/or mortality tend to stay with us, don’t they. So glad to see you here Windy! Do catch me up on the status of your book girlfriend! – R


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