Why Hire an Editor?

As I work toward finishing my memoir, which by some accounts is a coming of age in the Alaskan wilderness story, and by others (thank you Dennis) is my journey to becoming a writer, I found this blog article timely. I hope you do too. – Renee

10 thoughts on “Why Hire an Editor?

    • Anneli, so glad you bring your credibility as a published author to bear on this idea. As for the patience of what it takes to be an author and go through this process… I am reminded of Adrienne Rich: A wild patience has taken me this far…, which I must say I don’t recall the import of that whole work, but this line has never left me. So glad to see you here. -R


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Renee. Great article! I love this: “by some accounts is a coming of age in the Alaskan Wilderness story.” Some accounts. Hah, it’s that and more. xo


  2. Great article! I have read, and set down, so many books that were clearly not edited. This is an article that everyone who wishes to publish should read and take into careful consideration before sending out a manuscript.


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