Scorpions in the Shower

Yesterday, I had the kind of day that included:

• a 7 AM parking lot tutoring session for daughter #1

• the announcement: “Mommy, I tied a cherry stem with my tongue…” (–for the 7th time. We’re going for ten. Every talent counts.)

• early school drop-off both girls

• a gym run to attempt to squeeze an hour work out into 30 minutes

• helping 6th grade tie dye (and I didn’t get any on me!)

• chiropractic

• interviewing a state representative, who stopped our interview to ask if we could pray

• tutoring again

• the 20th reminder: “Red Vines are not a food group.”

• meeting with a doctor/state representative and group of women to understand what the legislature has done to women’s health rights (this list is too small and nice to get into this here…)

• shooing the dog off the top of the table when she thought lights out meant the pastries were fair game

• thoughts of a Margarita, rocks and ice, the whole nine yards

At least by midnight there were no more scorpions in the shower.

15 thoughts on “Scorpions in the Shower

  1. I kept on laughing while reading your blog! Most mothers can on some level relate to the crazy schedules we keep, trying somehow to get our “own” time in there as well. Just yours also includes the political arena. Our recent scorpion was under my computer desk. Once he was discovered he met with a fast death. A friend of mine scoops up every one into a jar to be released outside. After having been bitten twice (those suckers hurt!) I have no kind feelings for them and amnesty is not granted in any form.


    • You’re too funny! I could do post after post on those little ——-heads. I’ve been nailed in bed. Something’s just not fair about a sneak attack. Sometimes we even let the chickens in the house to have a go around the place to find ’em. There are days it’s all out war. I love your line about not having any amnesty for scorps! We’re in the same boat sister. Now, politics, there are some scorpions under that rock too.


  2. I certainly enjoyed reading about your day fighting dangerous crustaceans, carrying out parenting duties, observing charming teen talents, volunteering, practicing self care, investing in a passion, enforcing K-9 manners, and entertaining the thoughts of an evening drink. I can can certainly relate. As Singer Mary Hopkins wrote, “Those were the days my friends. We thought they’d never end.” As my beautiful 69 year old mother enjoys her days of waking up to her own body’s alarm clock, sips coffee while she reads every single article in the newspaper, plans her day based on weather conditions, and keeps a running score with my dad in their nightly card games; she reminds me that while this short chapter of my life is overflowing with endless responsibilities, relentless schedules and commitments; they are also the days she secretly wishes she could go back and experience again (in fragments) because they were the most satisfying days in her life. Let’s have a toast to that!


    • Kristi,

      You’re amazing at the off-the-cuff deconstruction of words to life! Thank you for weighing in and bringing the wisdom of the next generation to bear here…


  3. LOL! You gave a description of my day, just with varying details 🙂 Loved it. I especially liked the tidbit about the representative who wanted to pray…


  4. I thought it would be translatable to lots of our days! Thanks for connecting and expanding on Elizabeth’s comments earlier. I took notes and passed them on to a friend who wants to start a blog! You are great!


  5. This made me giggle! What I’d like to know is how on earth did you tie dye without getting it on yourself? I can’t get mayonnaise out of the bottle without getting it all over me! 🙂

    PS: I love the ice cream scoops. The picture is so light and airy, the only problem is that every time I look at it I remember the cookie dough ice cream I’ve got in the freezer. 😉


  6. You’re too cute! I enjoy your literary versatility – that you are as literary in your posts as you are and that you can throw mayonnaise at my day! Perfect! Glad you liked the Scoops. I’m still deciding if they work or not… people have related to them as “getting the scoop,” which is is an old American news axiom… but I wanted both more and less than that. Given how often I’m running to the fridge lately, i really loved that you and other writers are inspired to run to the freezer when you see them! Thanks for joining me. I promise there are more deserts on the way! –Renee


    • Thanks! The days seem to pile up like that right now! I saw some recent pics of your boys at Lisa and Ken’s! They’ve changed so much! Wow! Young men! Ilse is taller than Mischa now. Good to hear from you.


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