About Those Cover Letters

As a former literary magazine editor, I found this article contains great insider advice on what to and what NOT to include in cover letters to literary magazines when submitting. Best, Renee

4 thoughts on “About Those Cover Letters

  1. Do you have any idea how to figure out if a magazine or journal wants a cover letter or not if they don’t mention the subject in their submission guidelines?


    • I don’t. Other than: send them an email. I actually corresponded with an editor yesterday because on one web page the market had not listed the submissions deadline for a themed journal edition. He got back with a word of encouragement and interest on the Kathmandu topic I mentioned in the email :). I’m an info glutton – anytime there’s an opportunity to ask one question, I try to ask one or two more. You never know. That person now has seen my name and an interesting topic in his inbox twice now… he may look again when my submission comes in. Windy said these types of contacts bode well. Best, R


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