See, Mom, I AM Normal!

As I work up to more and more brave writing, Luanne’s post hit at just the right time. She demonstrates a way to do that and recommends a book that should show us how… enjoy this courageous post!

Luanne Castle: Poetry and Other Words (and cats!)

I’m taking a break from the regularly scheduled program–One Thing I Learned From Each Memoir I Have Read–to say thank you to a fellow writer and blogger, Ellen Morris Prewitt. She kindly wrote a post yesterday about Writer Site (yup, this blog) on her cain’t do nothing with love blog.

The title of the post is “The Allure of Normal.” In the midst of my gratitude toward Ellen, I did chuckle quite a bit about being presented as the poster child of normal.

After all, I did just write this passage the day before yesterday in a (first draft) scene for my memoir:

The therapist I’d seen years before had pointed out that normal was a setting on a washing machine, not a word associated with people. Maybe my teen hormones had blown things out of proportion.


When I was a kid I lived in the mindset…

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4 thoughts on “See, Mom, I AM Normal!

  1. Thanks, Renee. I’m glad it resonated with you, and even more thrilled how you’re kicking serious you-know-what in freewriting!!


    • Thanks L – the kicking butt was last week… this week is starting slow… sick kids, neighbor kid bit by dog came to my door for help, my oldest wanting to come home from school… hmm I need a place to hideaway… but who would take care of these babies?


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