Around the Bend in Panama.

Have you ever come upon a scene in your travels and wondered how did that _________ (insert noun) get there? I wondered about the bike and if the rider would outride the brewing tropical storm. Casco Viejo & Panama City, Panama



6 thoughts on “Around the Bend in Panama.

  1. I can’t comment on any of the Belize posts anymore but my wife and I are heading there in April – thanks for putting it on our radar! We are going to spend a few days in San Ignacio, then go over to Tikal in Guatemala before heading to the beach in the Cayes to close the trip off. Thanks again!


    • I can’t wait to see your photos. There are so many amazing places in Belize. Wildlife, sink holes, villages, waterways, pelagic ocean, azure blue waters, idyllic islands… I haven’t even begun to post on these bc I’ like to work on larger pieces to sell! But I can’t wait to see what you produce. Also, my earlier posts are closed to comments since older posts seem to be prey to spam, and hijacking, etc. Please keep me cued in on your trip! If you do any diving, a waterproof housing for a few hundred may be a worthy investment. I chafed until I had one!


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