Long Time Gone

Yowza!  It’s been a while since I’ve seen the backside of these pages and–more importantly you.

Since I last sat down to really share with you, I’ve been to Everest and back–with my dad. I started teaching writing again at a wonderful college in my city with one of the most reputable and long-standing creative writing programs in its class.


I had a fun opportunity to beta read (and get quoted in) Stuart Horowitz’s upcoming release in his Book Architecture series, as well as find joy and intense pleasure in re-discovering poetry through my writing partner Luanne’s latest book: Doll God.


And, I’ve been working on those things we mom’s fret over like launching a reluctant teenager from the nest–onto a path so much less traveled: that of a European apprentice far, far from the Southwest–the only home she’s ever known.

As things settle in with my First-Year Composition, Travel Writing and Memoir classes, as well as the personalized writing project consultations I offer, I hope to slip in the occasional blog again. I miss you all!

I also hope to post about my lovely cross continental “blogger meets blogger” experience, when Debbie from Cooking In Tongues, who stuck to her word and paid me a visit. In person! You just never know what amazing world travelers and thinkers will show up at your door once you’ve exchanged world views in a virtual space. (Note: our friendship began as I consulted Debbie about how to travel in Nepal and Tibet.) It is indeed a wonderful, wild world.

I hope you’ll drop me a line or two letting me know you stopped by.

Until I craft a few lines, enjoy the first release of photo essays from the month I spent traversing Asia with my dad (and sometimes my mom). Here are a few scenes from Istanbul: The Spice Market, Sultanahmet/ The Old City, and the Bosphorus Straights.




23 thoughts on “Long Time Gone

  1. Welcome back, Renee! Love that “backside of these pages” as it’s so true and evocative of blogging! Thank you so for your generous response to Doll God–much appreciated. I loved hearing about your visit and, above all, your photos are just STUNNING. Wow. How fabulous.


  2. I’ve missed your posts, but I see you’ve been having the time of your life. That’s wonderful to hear. What a holiday! I hope you’ll be sharing lots of photos and anecdotes with us. Welcome back.


  3. Great to see you back, Renee! Loved seeing those bright, warm Asian colors this morning on yet another frigid, snowbound day in buried Boston. Basta!

    How funny… I just returned to my blog after months of focusing on other things for a while. New stories to tell as my South African son enters a new chapter — and a big push this year for my book about our story. Look forward to hearing more.


  4. It sounds like you’ve been very busy. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your Everest adventure. Isn’t it fun to meet up with bloggers in person. I’ve met four writers after correspondence began on our blogs and each time it’s been like we’ve known each other for years. The internet is a wonderful thing!


    • Carol,

      gosh, sorry your wonderful comment got lost for a few days. I would love to know more about how you decided to meet up with other bloggers, because I imagine you and I both have warned our children about meeting up with people from the internet… and THAT is exactly how I introduced my blogger friend to my girls! And then we all had an amazing time together!


  5. We met up with three on our last trip to Europe but I had been corresponding with them all via email for quite a while. Then we met Leanne Cole in Melbourne one weekend. Now we are planning a holiday in Hawaii with Leanne and Marsha from tchistorygal. I think if you’ve been in touch outside of your blog for a length of time you soon know if it will work. (Each time, we have met in public places though! Lol.)


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