Then and Now. Pekin, New York


Then: Traveling East on Upper Mountain Road: Hope United Methodist Church. The stones used to build this church–known for many years as Pekin United Methodist Church–were cut from the Niagara escarpment, which runs through my family farm. Knowing this only … Continue reading

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Interpreting Food, Digesting Memory

Scoops, Gran Clement Gelateria, Casco Viejo, Panama

Photo: “Scoops,” Granclement Gelateria, Casco Viejo, Panama. The first time I heard of gelato I’d traded my dogsled and down-filled parka for a Eurail pass and a Eu-ro-mance—some twenty years ago.  As the Eu-ro-mance, (now) my husband, likes to say, “That … Continue reading

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